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Let's Work Together

In Nourished & Free's one-to-one program, you’ll receive:

Training in cutting-edge principles of Mind Body Nutrition so that you can understand your body's innate wisdom and foster eating habits which truly nourish your mind, body and Soul.

1:1 Guidance through simple and powerful memory reconsolidation techniques, using essential oils, so that you can transform disempowering beliefs and experience a positive relationship with food. 

Training in a daily reset skill, using essential oils and a step-by -step technique, so that you can learn to master your emotions and feel in control of your relationship with food. 

Support and accountability in a safe and compassionate container so that you can say good-bye to self-attacking thoughts and begin to develop compassionate ways to talk to yourself about your behavior with food. 

Personalized coaching so that you can learn to heal your relationship with food in a sustainable way – not by yo-yo dieting or endless food restriction or anti-diets – but rather by addressing the root causes for why and when you reach for food.

Choose your journey


    (1) 90-min session
    Valid for one month
    • 3-Session Package

      (3) 90-min 1:1 Aroma Freedom sessions
      Valid for 3 months
      • 6 MONTHS

        Every month
        (24) sessions total = (4) sessions per month over 6 months
        Valid for 6 months
        • 6 MONTHS

          Paid in Full
          Valid for 6 months
          • Aroma Freedom
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