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Client Testimonials


“There are not enough words of praise and thanksgiving for the experience I had working with Jen Miskiel.  I went into our first session identifying as an emotional binge eater. My first diet happened in early elementary school and my life has revolved around food, eating, a never-good-enough body, and the idea that if only I could get skinny, everything else would fall into place.  Jen introduced me to The Aroma Freedom Technique and I was instantly in awe at how quickly she was able to guide me to the root causes of so many issues, and then clear them!  Yes, in each session there were REAL noticeable changes - in my identity, my relationship to food, my self-confidence- it almost feels unbelievable, and yet it happened.


I have been telling everyone I know about AFT and my wonderful experience with Jen- everyone should be able to feel this free! After only seven months of weekly meetings with Jen, my whole life had shifted and continues to do so today.  I no longer feel that food runs my life. I may eat emotionally occasionally, but it's a choice I make and I feel no guilt about it.  Binge eating is a thing of the past.  I truly have FOOD FREEDOM! 


Beyond the AFT itself, Jen is a one-of-a-kind facilitator and guide.  She has a very special gift in the way she shows up for others. Jen was fully present with me at each of our sessions, listening deeply, reflecting back my words and insights, and asking tailored questions that elicited deep introspection.  I felt loved, comforted, supported and heard.


It's now been about four months since we finished our work together and I continue to grow and evolve, riding on the wave of all that I learned from Jen.  I am truly a different person, a better person. My authentic self is shining through and I have Jen to thank for being such an important part of my transformation.”

Kimberly Grentz, Certified Emotion Code Practitioner

“Working with Jen (and her Aroma Freedom sessions) was some of the most powerful work I’ve done in my life
She helped me to understand that EVERY part of my life was connected to my relationship with food. 
Our bodies do not betray us, instead they are the quiet voice beneath the stress, overwhelm, or anxiety that is trying to communicate WITH us. 
Each week we would start with what was going on in my life and with each round of oils I was led to connect deeper with myself than ever beforeI was able to hear profound messages from deep within myself that gave me great comfort and healing. 
Her ability to hold space for me without judgement was incredibly profound and I feel beyond fortunate to have been able to work with her over these past two years.

Cassandra C., chef/owner at Empowered Foodie LLC


“Jen is a master at what she does.  While I had no idea what I was getting into, she made me feel 100% at ease with the process and was thorough on explaining everything.  My session with her worked through 10 years of grief, anger, and bitterness helping me turn it into joy & forgiveness.  I now look back on that decade of my life with a peace I never knew I could have.  I am forever grateful to her and the healing I experienced.  Even if you are unsure, I definitely cannot recommend anyone better to help you heal!  Jen is a miracle worker and an angel.”

Cait Fisher

“Jen is a gift. Truly she is pure magic. She is the kind of person that makes you feel safe and loved. When you are working through blockages and emotions it is so critical to work with someone like Jen (caring, compassionate, and kind). She forever changed my world and I am so thankful to her every day for the light she brought back into my life. Literally my session with Jen was LIFE CHANGING. I tell everyone who will listen about it and how one hour with Jen removed YEARS of heavy emotions (some of which I didn't even realize I was still carrying). She is the real deal and I am forever grateful for the work she does.”

Cassie Taylor Flowers

“I was introduced to the Aroma Freedom Technique by Jennifer. Wow. I was familiar with essential oils but I had no idea that when coupled with intention and an amazing practitioner like Jennifer what was really possible. She helped me access and heal deep rooted issues that, unknowingly, were still impacting me today. She was patient, intuitive, loving and attentive the entire session and with her follow-up afterwards. I am so grateful for AFT and that I have a trusted professional to guide me through the process.”
Gradient Purple Red
“I did a Session with Jen this week, it was incredible.
It removed many emotional blocks that were suffocating my growth and had me in a very difficult place.  Since my session I am feeling confident, accepted and valued!! I had no idea what the true source was that held me back. Some of my childhood memories came up that I have now been able to see in true light which has freed me from false negative thinking about myself and those memories. Truth was shed in many areas which has set me free from the bondage of the negative memories and negative thinking associated with them. I have found such healing in this experience. It has allowed me to have a joy that I cannot put into words. Thank you, Jen for your compassion to help people get unstuck and walk in the fullness of life!! You are a godsend.”

Kathy Cruz

Bri Hill

“Working with Jen has been absolutely life changing.
I am finally finding freedom from past traumas and creating my life as I see fit. 
She is a wonderful person and a very gentle guide in the AFT practice.”
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