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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Aroma Freedom?

Aroma Freedom is a proven step-by-step process that requires Young Living essential oils to help you transform difficult emotions, dissolve negative thoughts, and rewire your subconscious limiting beliefs to shift how you see yourself, how you see others and how you see the world. It is a gentle, yet powerful technique that creates profound results!


What are the benefits of A LA CARTE SESSIONS?

Booking single sessions are best for you if you are:
- brand new to Aroma Freedom and curious if it's a good fit,
- a previous long-term client,
- on a committed personal growth journey and using other healing modalities,
- intuitive and know when you need support to get unstuck

*If you are a previous long-term client, you also fully understand that one session may not completely resolve the subconscious blocks you are currenty facing and one or more follow-up sessions may be needed.


What are the benefits of a longer commitment?

The solution I offer is not a quick, band-aid fix. Chances are you have been experiencing food and body challenges for years...or decades. And, it's likely that you need at least a year, or possibly more, to heal your relationship with food. But we need to start somewhere.  

Consistent sessions help you create momentum with each baby step building on itself.   Yes, my clients have experienced a perspective shift after just one session, but long-lasting sustainable change comes from showing up to do the deep, inner work week after week.  

You are empowered to choose the level of commitment that honors your financial circumstances & your desire for transformation.


What do I need for a session?

You will need the following on hand during a session:


1. Young Living essential oils.  I recommend at least (3) of the following:

Inner Child
Memory Release Blend (Lavender, Frankincense and Stress Away - you can leave them separate)
Peace and Calming
Trauma Life

AND I recommend at least (1) of the following:
any citrus oil OR your fave oil that makes you feel amazing!

2. glass of water

3. journal and pen to write down any insights that emerge

4. tissues because sometimes you shed a few tears ;)

*If you need Young Living essential oils, or if you have any questions, please email me:

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